Glenn Smith, A proud Colorado native, fly fisherman and professed “jack of all trades” and a professional fly fishing guide with Taylor Creek Fly Shop in Basalt, Colorado. Basalt is also known as “a drinking town with a big fishing problem”.

Glenn has been a guide for over 24 years. His style is a bit unorthodox, his wit is unmatched and reads the water as well as he reads people, he does that pretty darn well, so don’t make me come over there.

Here is the shops bio on Glenn:

“Proudly, as a rare Colorado native and a Roaring Fork Valley resident, Glenn Smith has been a long standing 24 year veteran guide exclusively at Taylor Creek Fly Shop. Glenn has been referred to as TC’s “Renaissance Man” and that “tall fly fishing madman comedian artist guy that’s a chef as well.”  He is an accomplished high-stick, fast water nymph fisherman as well as a gun of a dry fly fisherman. His instruction surpasses most expectations due to the breadth of information and good conversation skills. Having guided all sorts of clients ranging from world business leaders to bishops, super models to brain surgeons, he has a uncanny ability to relate on all kinds of levels. He states “The fish doesn’t really care who you are, so you gotta do everything right.”   Glenn prides himself on being respectful of his surroundings, polite most of  the time to his clients, and always treats the fish as he would anyone that has done something kind for him.  When he’s not guiding for Taylor Creek, he is a sculptor and artist, works with Bezos Scholars Program (BSP) at the Aspen Institute, instructor at The Cooking School of Aspen, standup comedian and all around decent guy with too many interests. His blog can be found at glennandtheartofflyfishing.com, his artwork can be found at www.glennhsmitharts.com and www.chefglennsmith.com.

One thought on “About

  1. I had to stop by – my father-in-law – rest his soul moved out to New Mexico (with his wife too!) to be nearest his love – the San Juan River and home to the greatest fishing in the world. He’d been a house painter by day, but was always an avid fisherman… One of his son’s enters and wins many fishing competitions up north.
    My father-in-law absolutely adored fishing. His wife, my mother-in-law is a stained glass artist. She’s the one who originally got him interested in leaving New Jersey. She with fellow artist friends, would take yearly trips out to Santa Fe and Taos to be part of the artistic community out there. They settled down near Farmington.
    I look forward to perusing your blog
    we used to fly into Durango, CO but got a little suspect of the puddle-jumper planes especially when the pilot asked my giant 6’7″ husband to move to a different seat to help with the weight distribution on the plane!


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